Saturday, December 15, 2007

Enterprise Story: The Closing of a Day Care Center

-Joy Polanco and Kelly Asmuth

It is difficult finding affordable day care. The closing of Children's Liberation Day Care Center in the East Village is upsetting to those affected. Why do they have to leave and what happens when a community loses such a necessity?


Amikole said...

My son asked me, "When is my school going to close?" I told him, "After Christmas." My son, age 4-1/2 replied, "I hope Christmas never comes." This school is a place many call home. The children, parents, and staff feel safe and loved when we walk through its doors. It is a cruel and heartless deed to close them forever. -Amikole and Safouane

Laetitia & Aaron said...
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Laetitia & Aaron said...

My son Aaron attends Children's Liberation and I think it is among the best if not the best daycare around. My son (3 years)previously went to Henry Street Settlement daycare which was also closed by ACS in the same horrible format. They gave us less than two months to leave and did not provide much help. They allowed me to put my son in Childrens Liberation although they would soon close it. They never once took into consideration my sons age and how disturbing it could be to him to be moved every few months to diferent daycares.I dont even know if I can even put him in another center because at his age I dont know if he could take the move again. If as a parent I moved my children around and did not provide them stability ACS would call me unfit or an irresponsible parent, but then what do they call themselves. ACS was once built to help our children but now with the help of the cities finest officials(Mayor Bloomberg) all they do is take away from them.