Saturday, December 15, 2007

Carlito's Cafe - Gentrified on UES

Story by Liz Bello and Kristina Puga

Enterprise Story: Lupe's Place

- Alicia Tejada and Cassandra Lizaire

Lupe's Place is a salon owned and operated by transsexuals. Its location may surprise you. Find out more about Lupe Gonzalez and her unique team of stylists who have overcome many of the challenges transgender people face in the workplace.

Bike Clowns

-Kimberly Lengle and Neeeraj Kulkarni

Bike lanes in New York City serve more as parking space for cars than as riding lanes for bikers. To protest against this, in a novel way, a group of bikers took to the streets - dressed as clowns - to clear up bike lanes.

They gave fake tickets, cheered cars that cleared the lanes, and cleared ten lanes this way.

Enterprise Story: The Closing of a Day Care Center

-Joy Polanco and Kelly Asmuth

It is difficult finding affordable day care. The closing of Children's Liberation Day Care Center in the East Village is upsetting to those affected. Why do they have to leave and what happens when a community loses such a necessity?

Enterprise Story: Shooting Rights

-Kimberly Lengle and Neeraj Kulkarni

People have a First Amendment right to photograph or shoot public spaces,. But post-9/11, security concerns have mostly led to unnecessary harassment of amateurs and students shooting on places like sidewalks, subways, and parks.

This story brings this issue up, and attempts to make the general public aware, by presenting experiences of two students and advice from legal authorities.